You may know them as superheroes who rescue climbers just before they take hideous falls.  And you may know them as the founders of the California Climbing School Rock Rescue Crew.

Many have heard tales of Ron the Ropeman rescuing climbers with his special rope, or of Paige the Princess of Pro flying at insane speeds to re-set a tipped-out Camalot before it ripped out of a flaring crack.  Or Zane Zipster speeding upwards of 900 miles an hour to save a tortoise from being run over by a wandering Winnebago.

But did you know that they also play bluegrass?


They call themselves The Chalkstones, and we were fortunate to get a video of  them jamming out in the boulders of Joshua Tree. Ron says the song, called “Dippin’ In the Bag”, is about being in love with your chalk bag.  Featuring Paige on banjo, Ron on guitar and vocals, and Zane on the bass.

Ron gave us a copy of the lyrics which I wrote down for you here:

Well I got off route, ran low on pro, Got tons of rope drag, pulling on holds about to blow.   Dippin in the bag one more time.

Scraped up my hands, got welts on my legs, kept my elbows grinding, and my hips always moving    Dippin in the bag one more time

No we won’t quit at a reasonable time  We’re going all the way to the end of the line And when we’re out on the sharp end  gonna chalk it up, and start to send!

Up the golden corner, splitter fingercrack, squirm up the offwidth, or if you dare just lay it back.   Dippin’ in the bag one more time.

I’ll show you a climb up the crystal tower, above the owl in the pines, past lighting bolts of power,  Dippin’ in the bag one more time.