I wanted to send a note to say how much my family enjoyed our day of rock climbing with Erik on December 30.
Erik was a fantastic instructor for the three of us. His technical expertise was impressive, but he was also patient, calm, safety conscious, enthusiastic, possessed of a remarkable humility and respect for the environment, and was just a great person to have spent the day without among the rocks. We all came away saying it had been a fantastic day, and are thinking of coming back another time for more climbing together as a family.


Abigail P.

“The purpose of this letter is to commend the outstanding professional service we experienced at your school working with guide Theresa Walsh.
I was particularly impressed with Ms Walsh’s skill and knowledge of working with young children and particularly in dealing with the understandable anxieties of children. She quickly observed and adapted to the child’s style and learning ability. In a situation where instructions can become complicated and come fast thus making it difficult for a child to process and respond, she was able to simplify and adapt so that her instructions were understood and easily implemented.

For example, under the pressure of climbing, our son had difficulty processing simple commands of direction if the words left or right were used. Ms. Walsh thus used other directional commands with reference to nearby features such as clumps of grass or a wider crack, etc. I was most impressed and pleased. Few instructions know to adapt. Most would just repeat themselves.”


Bruce J.

“My daughter (Lexi) and I went climbing with Erik Kramer. Erik was an outstanding guide and teacher. He was careful and thorough. We felt very safe with him and he was an excellent teacher. He assessed our skill level and pushed us just hard enough for it to be exciting and rewarding. I hope we have another chance to come out and take your leader class with him.”

Dan A.

“I have just returned from an 8 day course in Joshua Tree National Monument in California. I enjoyed the course immensely and found it extremely rewarding.. …I would like to bring to your attention two superior instructors, Eric and Theresa. They did a terrific job.

I found Eric to be a mature and people-oriented instructor, while Theresa exhibited astute rock climbing skills and potent leadership capabilities. Together they performed as a balanced team.
I would recommend them without qualification to any PCOB course. Indeed, without them the course would definitely not have been the same.”

Michael G., Esq.

“I wanted to send along some positive feedback for you! Last year, we began sending out surveys to our customers after they enjoy their experience and you have received great feedback. We’ve received several responses and the overall experience rating is 10 out of 10 and the last customer we sent had the following comment:

“It was a really great time. So laid back and fun, yet still packed with tons of information and hands on experience. I really loved it. Theresa and Eric were amazing. I am so happy with my experience.”
Thanks so much for taking great care of our customers – it shows! In a world where people typically only reply to surveys to complain or point out the negatives, this is fantastic. Keep up the good work!”

Lindsey W.

“I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how incredible my experience was this past weekend. I’ve never done anything like rock climbing – I mean when people that know me heard I was going to take a class, their reaction was, “What, and ruin her manicure?!!” Erik is a GREAT instructor – aside from being highly-skilled he is really personable, extremely patient and caring. He totally “got” me and what I could do and pushed me just enough so that I was really happy with what I had accomplished by the end of the class; that’s a good teacher in my book. I also appreciated that you came to the meeting site both mornings to check in and say hello.”

Kim G.

I am writing to express my high regard for the leadership of Theresa Walsh. The wisdom and maturity that Theresa has gained from her own life experience is clear as she instructs others. She is confident in all her actions, while at the same time supremely concerned with the safety of the group.

Theresa is attuned to the learning needs and saturation point of her students. She knew when we needed to stop trying to understand a technique and start practicing it.
Theresa’s interpersonal skills and ability to help the group relate and become a team were quickly apparent. She did not become stressed by any of our personal stresses, and yet clearly showed her compassion for us. Theresa always carefully explained new skills, not taking for granted that we knew them already, or assuming or implying that we should have known them. Always encouraging and patient, never did she berate anyone for their efforts.

Theresa motivated me by her personal example. She took every challenge in her stride and approached it with a refreshing eagerness. Her love for nature and helping others learn is undeniable. I deeply appreciate the opportunity to experience my first Outward Bound course under the leadership of Theresa Walsh.

— Rev. Beverly Butler
United Methodist Minister

Rev. Beverly Butler – United Methodist Minister

“Another great climb with Erik. Thank you for providing such a good service – all the information you provided was excellent. I love the Idyllwild Inn and the routes you described made it easier for Erik to narrow down what my day would be. Being someone who loves to climb wherever I can I have had my fair share of bad guides. I shared some of the stories with Erik.”

Mollie – “Another great climb with Erik.”

I just wanted to write a quick note thanking you and Erik for such a great time. Daynee and I had a great time climbing with Erik, and I learned quite a lot in a short time. As this was Daynee’s first time climbing outdoors I really appreciate Erik’s personality, demeanor, and instruction as Daynee walked away having had lots of fun – which means more climbing fun for me in the future.

Matt V. – “I really appreciate Erik’s personality, demeanor and instruction”

“Just a quick note to tell you what a great time my son Cole and I had with our 1/2 day session with Erik. I’ve been on a lot of outdoor trips, and I’ve seen a lot of guides in action. Erik was just first rate, in every way. Patient, focused, helpful and effective in his instruction, etc. We had a terrific time, and I can’t think of how we could have had a better day of climbing.”

Rich – “Erik was just first rate in every way”.

“I wanted to share my extreme gratitude and thanks for what was the highlight of my first, but hopefully not last, trip to California and Joshua Tree.

My guide for the day, Tuesday May 3, was Erik Kramer-Webb. As my guide he exceeded my expectations in his professionalism, attention to safety and knowledge of climbing. As I had not climbed for approximately ten years Erik’s patience and understanding in helping me to realize my goals for the day were very much appreciated.
I will look forward to another opportunity to climb at Joshua Tree and will definitely use Vertical Adventures as my source for guide services while in California.”

Ottawa , Canada

Carl H – “Erik exceeded my expectations in his professionalism, …”

“My daughter Dana and I had a great class last Sunday at Idyllwild with your instructor Erik. I learned a great deal in one day. I’ve now taken two classes and had three of your instructors. All have been top notch and very professional. Well done.”


Chuck C.

Chuck C. – “All of your instructors have been top notch and very professional.”

“Thanks very much for arranging our outing. Nick and I had a great time, did a bunch of top ropes and even a two pitch ascent.

Erik was a wonderful guide, very knowledgeable and professional, and a great companion and a fount of information about climbing, the locale, and the outdoors in general.
It was a fabulous first outing for my son’s first experience with outdoor climbing, and my first time back in harness in years. Thanks to you and your guide Erik for providing a truly special and memorable day for us. We would definitely love to use your guide service again, and will be contacting you again when we are in the area next year. I hope then to get my wife and youngest son to come along so they can share in the beauty and thrill of climbing!”

Rob – “Erik was a wonderful guide, very knowledgeable and professional”