Every climber should possess the skills to deal with any situation that happens while climbing outdoors.  Learn the basic rescue techniques needed to safely resolve dilemmas, and build upon that knowledge in our second session.

1-2 days
October 9, 23  November 14, 22  December 12, 19, 29  January 5


per session

Max 4 students to 1 guide ratio

Session 1 Details

Learn the basics of self rescue including: escaping the belay, fixed line ascension, raising systems, lowering systems, tandem rappelling, and counter-balance rappelling.  Belay devices used:  ATC, gri-gri, and munter hitch.  Knots covered: munter-mule-overhand, prussik, klemheist, auto-block, clove hitch, figure 8 on a bight.

Session 2 Details

Learn counterbalance rappelling, passing the knot, more complex pick-offs, improvised chest harness, rappelling with an injured climber, and alternative rope ascension methods.  Discussion of more advanced topics such as leader pick-offs and rope soloing.

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