Multipitch Efficiency

$165.00 8 hours

Multi pitch trad efficiency tips.
Max two people per class.

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    Learn how to pick up your pace on multipitch rock climbs with better rope management. Learn better hanging belay stance management, parallel rope technique, caterpillar style, belaying two followers at once, and how to keep the ropes from tangling through the climb and descent so you don’t waste time dealing with tangles and rope issues.

    Improve your efficiency on multipitch rappells by learning more tools to deal with struck ropes, high winds, and rope stretcher rappels.  Learn how to rappel if you only have a gri-gri.  Learn when it is best to bring a second rope, and if so, should you have a fat rope and a skinny rope?  Or two fat ropes?  Or two skinny ropes?

    Learn faster ways to transition from climb to descent, and from 5th class to 4th or 3rd class.   Learn the applications for single ropes, double ropes, twin ropes, and half ropes.

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