Kids Climbing Class

$40.00 3 hours

4 sessions, 1-4pm,

$30 per class.
This is an amazing bargain



Enroll your child in our Kids Climbing Class for only $40 per class!  This is a great deal!  For kids age 5-17.   Your kids will love this 3 hour climbing session and will want to take it over and over again.  No experience necessary!

We will set up a variety of challenges to match the different ability levels of the children.  Your kids can climb for free if they can order a voucher from Inspire Charter School or Valiant Charter School.  Because it can take 1-2 months for a voucher to process, plan ahead if you are an Inspire or Valiant family.

Fall 2018 Schedule

October 5, 12, 19, and 26.   November 2, 9, 16, and 30.

No entrance fee required into the national park since we meet in Indian Cove.

This class will focus on rock climbing movement techniques, such as smearing, edging, laybacking, jamming, chimney climbing, and staying in balance.

It will take time for your child to learn how to trust the rope because it is an unnatural sensation.  To lean back and “walk” down the rock face is usually scarier than climbing up.  We help each child build trust in the rope gradually, so that they progress at their own pace.

Some kids will acquire this skill on the first day.  Others will have to come back for more sessions in order to complete this phase of the training.  We find that a gradual approach wins over a much higher percentage of kids who otherwise might decide they don’t like climbing.

We’ve seen too many parents bring their child to the cliff and unwittingly push too hard on their first climb.  I’ve witnessed sobbing kids who won’t come down from the top.  They are too afraid to lean back in order to come down. Once they get down, these kids will often never climb again.

If you are invested in a positive outcome for your child’s first time climbing, sign them up for the Kids Climbing Class.  We can convince virtually any child that rock climbing is fun!

If less than 5 students are signed up within one week of the class date, then we will have to cancel due to low enrollment.  Sign up now!

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