How to rock climb

$155.00 8 hours

Learn the basics of rock climbing in an 8 hour class.
Max six people per class.
$155 per student.
Class dates:  October 6, 27   November 10   December 1, 29



Learn how to rock climb in Joshua Tree from a certified guide.  Invest in your future by taking a class from a certified guide.  Many climbers learn from friends and don’t realize how unsafe their practices are.  Take this class and you will be better equipped to evaluate your friends’ safety skills when they invite you to climb.

In this 8 hour class you will learn rock climbing movement techniques, belaying, rappelling, and lowering.  Learn the figure 8 knot and the proper use of your harness, helmet, and ATC type belay device.  We will teach you how to do proper safety checks and verbal commands.  We also teach how to safely lower someone back down the cliff in a slow and smooth fashion.

You probably won’t forget the first time you ever get lowered back down a cliff.  This is the moment that typically produces the most fear.   We will lower you back down in a slow and smooth fashion when you give the command. Many first-timers decide they don’t like rock climbing the very first time they have to come down. Erik and Tee’s patient leadership style will help you ease into the vertical environment.  We believe this approach is the most fun and the least stressful.

One problem with learning how to climb from a friend instead of learning from an expert comes when it is time to lean back and get lowered to the ground.  Oftentimes poorly trained climbers will lower each too fast and too jerky.  This is not only an unsafe practice, but also terrifying for a novice.

Another problem with learning from a friend is if they pressure you into going to the top on your first climb.  It is always better to climb up just 5 or 6 feet and get comfortable with leaning back on the rope.  Then when you do get to the top of the climb, instead of having a panic attack, you can enjoy the fine view!

In the How to Rock Climb class you will also learn the difficulty rating system for climbing and mountaineering.  In the 1950’s Southern California climbers invented the “Yosemite Decimal System” at our local Tahquitz and Suicide Rock!

If our How to Rock Climb class is too basic for you, try our next level class called Climbing Technique.  In our Climbing Technique class you will work on more advanced moves such as laybacking, edging, smedging, chimneying, stemming, finger locks, hand jams, etc.

To prepare for the How to Rock Climb class, check out our video on How to tie a figure 8 on a bight.


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