Anchors 2

$165.00 8 hours

anchors trad climbing top roping

A solid cam placement in a granite crack

Anchors 2

Learn how to rig extended anchors using the “Joshua Tree method”.

December 9th 2018        January 4th 2019

10% off if taken together with Anchors 1 (Dec 8 and Jan 3)

  • Description


    Learn how to build extended top rope anchors using protection that is over 10 feet away from the edge.  You will practice the “Joshua Tree method” using a 40-70 foot static rope.

    Knots covered will include the BHK, 2 loop eight aka bunny ears, clove hitch, prussik hitch, auto block, figure 8 on a bight, and figure 8 bend.

    Refine your pro placement skills by having an expert eye critique your placements. We will focus on cams and nuts.  Tri-cams and hexes may be discussed as well.

    Increase your safety while rappelling by using backups and extensions.  Learn how to rappel safely off your extended toprope setup using an ATC and a Gri-gri.

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