Two day anchor building

$330.00 2 days

Two day trad anchor building class.
Session start at 8 am each day.
Max six people per session.



Many anchor building classes are only a few hours long and raise more questions than they answer.  Our 16 hour anchors class is a thorough introduction to the topic, and includes plenty of practice time as opposed to simply observing demonstrations.

Learn how to build top rope anchors using “trad” gear such as cams, nuts, hexes and Tri-Cams.  We will also teach you how to build “sport” anchors using two or three bolts, as well as natural anchors built from trees or boulders.

We will give every piece in our anchor a grade from “A” to “F” and discuss why it got that grade and what it would take to make it better.  Learn an objective method to assess the overall strength and security of your anchors so that all of your anchors are robust and reliable. Special attention will be given to assessing the rock quality so that you never build an anchor in weak rock.

We will cover the common mistakes that are made in anchor building and address how to avoid these errors.  Common errors include poor rock quality, poorly fitting protection, lack of redundancy, and inadequate equalization.

We will use the “RENE” system to evaluate the reliability of our anchors:  Redundant, Equalized, and No Extension.  First you will learn how to equalize two pieces, then three, four or five pieces.  Materials used to equalize anchors include sewn slings, tied slings, cordelettes, and static rope.

Learn how to extend your master point over the edge even when your anchor points are 20 or 30 feet away from the edge of the cliff.  You will practice the “Joshua Tree method” using a static or low stretch anchor rope.

Improve your rappelling skill by adding an extension and an autoblock backup.
Learn essential knots such as figure 8 on a bight, the clove hitch, the “bunny ears”, the “BHK”, the klemheist, and the flemish bend.

You will be climbing during this class (hopefully on an anchor you built yourself), so please don’t forget to bring your rock climbing shoes!

CALIFORNIA CLIMBING SCHOOL is not accepting any reservations FROM JUNE 17TH TO JUNE 2OTH.
We will be reachable and back to our seasonal schedule on Thursday June 21st.
We hope to take you climbing with us soon.


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