Rock Guide Training

for aspiring AMGA and PCGI Rock Guides, Rock Instructors and Multipitch Guides


three 8 hour days

2024 Schedule

Sep 25-27  Oct 16-18  Dec 11-13




This course will help aspiring guides prepare for multipitch rock guiding courses and exams with the AMGA and the PCGI.  Get guide beta on routes commonly used on exams in Joshua Tree.  Learn from an AMGA Certified Rock Instructor who started guiding multipitch back in 1997.

DAY  1  

Anchors – 1 point, 2 point, 3 point

Lowering techniques-redirected plate lower, munter hitch lower, redirected gri-gri lower, load strand direct lower, threading the rappel while lowering, autoblock backups, etc

2 clients: caterpillar style vs parallel ropes vs end roping

2 client belay station changeovers

DAY 2   

Transitioning from 3rd/4th class to 5th class, and 5th class to 4th/3rd class during ascent and descent with 2 clients 

Multipitch 2 client rappelling

Kiwi coils, taking in and letting out coils

Short roping and short pitching on 3rd and 4th class

Short roping 2 clients 

DAY 3   

Rescue skills: friction hitches, rope ascension methods, raises, lowers, knot pass on rappel , knot pass while lowering, follower rescue, leader rescue, tandem rappelling, counterbalance rappelling, multipitch rappelling with an injured partner, etc.  

50 minute challenge-rescue drill involving an injured client, a healthy client, and a damaged rope. 



INSTRUCTOR:  AMGA Certified Rock Instructor Erik Kramer Webb.   Erik has guided at Mt Baker WA,  Leavenworth WA, Smith Rock OR,  the Wind River Range WY,  Red Rocks NV, and the High Sierras, CA, in addition to his home crags of Joshua Tree and Tahquitz Rock CA.


Erik Kramer-Webb (he/him)

AMGA Certified Rock Instructor

Co-Founder, California Climbing School
(760) 625-7115