Climbing Technique


Take your climbing to the next level and practice intermediate level rock climbing movement skills in an 8 hour class. Expert coaching from your instructor will boost your performance on the rock! Safe climbing practices will be used and discussed throughout the day.

8 hours
February 17,  March 10,  March 24,  April 14


per student

Shoes, harness and helmet rentals available


The Climbing Technique class focuses on intermediate level climbing for people who have climbed before.  Learn smearing, edging, laybacking, stemming, jamming, foot matching, foot switching, and crossovers.

The pre-requisites for this course are that you know how to belay and how tie a figure-eight-follow-through.

The climbing techniques required for Joshua Tree are quite varied.  You can find steep edges, blank slabs, excellent friction, roofs with big huecos, pockets, cracks, and knobs.  Each situation demands a unique sequence of techniques in order to climb gracefully.

Your guide will model smooth technique by staying in balance and using precise footwork.  They will coach you in real time as you  climb.  You will find that using the right technique can turn the impossible into the reasonable.

We emphasize safe climbing techniques throughout the class. Join a discussion about loose rock concerns, proper use of the helmet,  belayer positioning, and ground anchors for upward pull.

We always check that we have “closed the system” by  tying a knot in the end of the rope.  This prevents the belayer from lowering the climber off the end of the rope!

Your guide will teach a brief class on artificial anchors and the use of ground anchors (20-30 minutes).

With our guides’ wealth of knowledge of the area, you can be sure to climb high quality routes and yet be far away from the crowds.

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