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What are you prices? Does it depend on how many people are signed up?

The price to take a class is either $155 or $165 per person for a full day, depending on the class.
We require a minimum of 2 students to run a class.
You can find the prices for each class or trip on their respective pages.

Private guiding rates are listed below:

Full Day Rates (8 hours)
• Individual – $365
• 2 people – $225 each
• 3 people – $175 each
• 4 people – $155 each
• 5 people – $145 each
• 6 people – $135 each

Half Day Rates (4 hours)
• Individual – $250
• 2 people – $150 each
• 3 people – $125 each
• 4 people – $110 each
• 5 people – $100 each
• 6-2 people – $95 each

Rates for youth ages 5-17 with a private guide (3 hours)
• 1 child – $200
• 2 children – $120 each
• 3 children – $100 each
• 4 children – $90 each
• 5 children – $80 each
• 6-12 children – $75 each

What is your refund policy?

If we have to cancel an outing before it even begins due to foul weather, then we will give you a full refund or credit towards a future class.   If we have to cancel the outing because of foul weather after we have begun, then we will charge on an hourly pro-rated basis.  For example, if you climb for 3 hours then we’ll only charge for 3 hours.  We will refund the remaining part of your fee or hold it as partial credit for a future class or outing.

If you need to cancel for any reason 10 or more days before your scheduled class or guided climb we will give you a full refund or credit, minus a $25 per person cancellation fee.

We will give a 50% credit for cancellations with less than 10 days notice as long as the cancellation is not done on the same day of the booking.  We consider same day cancellations like a no-show, and students will forfeit all of the payment.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no cell phone service in the national park, and therefore last minute rescheduling will not work.

Your guide will wait up to 45 minutes if you are late.  If you arrive more than 45 minutes late, then the day is considered cancelled.

Do you have any guides to prepare for classes?

Yes we do!  Please check out our YouTube videos on anchors, knots, belaying, rappelling, and rescue because you will find cool nuggets of trad wisdom to nourish your mind.

Have More Questions?

Reach out to us if there’s anything else you’d like to know