Aid Climbing


Prepare for Yosemite in this aid climbing class.  We recommend taking this class over 2 days in order to more fully understand this complex form of climbing.

8 hours
By appointment only


per session

See pricing table below for additional number of participants

# of Participants Duration Price
One individual 8 hours $395
2 people 8 hours $250 for each


You will practice these techniques:

  • Aid climbing
  • Using mechanical rope ascenders,
  • Cleaning the pitches and organizing the belay stations,
  • Hauling the bag,
  • Lowering out the haul bag,
  • Rappelling with the haul bag.

Learn a variety of ways to clean traverses including lower outs, passing the top jumar, and aid-cleaning.

In this aid climbing class you will lead an aid pitch while having the safety of being belayed on top rope.  Your guide will ascend a fixed line next to you as you climb, providing feedback in real time.   Some pieces may require bounce testing. Your guide will help you go faster by showing you more efficient ways to aid climb.

Cleaning aid pitches requires rope savviness.  Jugging is an unnatural body motion that requires practice in order to go fast and still not get tired.  Your guide will show how you can adjust your jugging technique based on the steepness of the wall in order to maximize your efficiency.

You will practice 4 methods of cleaning traverses in the aid climbing class: passing the top jumar, lowering out with 4 strands, lowering out with 2 strands, and aid-cleaning.  When cleaning an aid pitch, the more it traverses or overhangs, the more complex it becomes.  We will not have time to cover all 4 techniques on the first day.

You will practice hauling the bag in the aid climbing class using at least 2 methods.  First we will use a wall hauler or mini-traxion type device.  The other method to learn in case you drop your primary hauling tool is using your ascenders and a simple pulley to haul the bag.

Releasing the haul bag can create problems.  We will look at how to lower out the haul bag so it never goes SPLAT against a side wall in a pendulum swing, bursting all your water bottles!  The haul bag gets stuck a lot, so we will show how the second can free the bag.

Rappelling with the haul bag is another skill you will practice in the aid climbing class. Don’t do it like I did it the first time and wear the bag like a backpack–it pulled me backwards slowly until I was upside down when I landed!

Erik Kramer-Webb has climbed El Capitan 5 times including one-day ascents of the Nose and Lurking Fear.

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